Fall Wish List


The Fall is HERE ! It is finally here but why does it feel like it is August all over again? This Houston weather is not helping in welcoming the Fall weather at all but I can only dream it will get cooler soon.

This hot weather has not stopped the fall fashion from coming to the stores. So many cute fall clothes I want it all! I can just stock up for now and place my cool clothes aside in a “Just In Case It Gets Cold” Pile.

I have been browsing through Pinterest for fashion outfits and trends. You all know hot it is when you see something on Pinterest but there is no link to actually purchase it. That is me this moment! Some items are nowhere to be found!


Can you tell this is a Fall Wish List. I mean the colors are just so beautiful! Burgundy, Rose, Beige, and Brown without the title it screams fall.

The Oxford Heels are currently SOLD OUT! I am in tears! Can NOT wait for ModCloth to restock them.

Bomber Jacket are so in style and so cute! This one I was just browsing on Pinterest but I found a similar one here for a great price.

Gold Converse YES PLEASE ! I could not find the sparkle gold Converse but some metallic ones here which are still a must in my list.

The Booties are from ALDO and are on SALE AT THIS MOMENT HERE! Ahh Screaming insanely because they are so cute! We all need a fall accessory and this one here is perfect to complement a gorgeous outfit.

Sweaters we need SWEATERS! These two I saw on Pinterest I definitely need the gray lace up sweater.

The Only thing I am really trying to Hunt down is the knee-high boots and some knee-high socks for my boots.

I am inspired I want all these iteams on my wishlist for sure! What is on your fall wishlist? And does it feel like fall where you stay at yet? If so please throw some cool weather down here in Houston.



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