Bridesmaid Duties: Bridal Dress Shopping

Dress shopping ! Oh I just love seeing all those white dresses it reminds me of the time I was choosing my dream dress. It’s a gals best experience. 

I accompanied the bride to her first dream dress hunt. It was a fun experience because it was my first time being part of someone’s dream dress search and I knew I had to be in my best behavior. If you ever get invited to join a bride for the search of her dream dress wear your best positive attitude. 

It was quite a big group. The mother of the bride, four of her bridesmaid (including me) and the maid of honor. Oh and most important the flower girl (my daughter). Keep in mind if the group is big best believe there will be A LOT of opinions. Just don’t get overwhelmed or keep your group small. 

The first and only bridal dress shop we went to was Mia Bridal Couture. I was so surprised they even let me bring my daughter who is 10 months old. Usually dress shops are very strict about no children or babies allowed. 

The bride of course looked gorgeous in all the dresses she tried unfortunately The Dress was not there. Close but not there. It good to go into a bridal shop with an open mind because the dress you think want may not even be the want the makes you go Awww this is the one. 

There is still time to hunt down that dream dress. This bridesmaid has to help plan the bachelorette with the Maid of Honor. How was your dress shopping experience? Was your bachelorette wild or mild? Let me know


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