Bridesmaid Proposal


Here comes the Bride here comes the bride!

I was asked the most important question.

“Will you be my bridesmaid?”

and Of course I SAID YES!

My Sister-in-Law is getting married! I could not be any more happier to know she will be marring the love of her life and starting a new journey. I am blessed to be the chosen few of your bridal team. Any who somone give me a tissue please! Let me wipe my tears of joy.

Now to the good part let me share with you what all came in my proposal kit.

I was was a complete mess the day she came over to my house. I was wearing leggings and a top. I had been cleaning all day and my sister in laws come knocking at the door.

The most obvious was the Chevron tote bag  that I honestly use as a diaper bag now. It has my initials monogrammed in the center with brides initials at the bottom left.

Inside the tote bag was a very cute box with the quote

Faith plants the seed and Love makes it grow

Inside the box was …

A personal note

Bridesmaids The Movie (My Favorite)

A picture frame with our picture that we need to update

Stud earrings

A bottle of Moscato

A wine glass with my name on it



If you just got engaged I hoped this gives you and idea how to ask your bridesmaids to be part of you bridal journey.

Thanks for reading !


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