Fall Wish List


The Fall is HERE ! It is finally here but why does it feel like it is August all over again? This Houston weather is not helping in welcoming the Fall weather at all but I can only dream it will get cooler soon.

This hot weather has not stopped the fall fashion from coming to the stores. So many cute fall clothes I want it all! I can just stock up for now and place my cool clothes aside in a “Just In Case It Gets Cold” Pile.

I have been browsing through Pinterest for fashion outfits and trends. You all know hot it is when you see something on Pinterest but there is no link to actually purchase it. That is me this moment! Some items are nowhere to be found!


Can you tell this is a Fall Wish List. I mean the colors are just so beautiful! Burgundy, Rose, Beige, and Brown without the title it screams fall.

The Oxford Heels are currently SOLD OUT! I am in tears! Can NOT wait for ModCloth to restock them.

Bomber Jacket are so in style and so cute! This one I was just browsing on Pinterest but I found a similar one here for a great price.

Gold Converse YES PLEASE ! I could not find the sparkle gold Converse but some metallic ones here which are still a must in my list.

The Booties are from ALDO and are on SALE AT THIS MOMENT HERE! Ahh Screaming insanely because they are so cute! We all need a fall accessory and this one here is perfect to complement a gorgeous outfit.

Sweaters we need SWEATERS! These two I saw on Pinterest I definitely need the gray lace up sweater.

The Only thing I am really trying to Hunt down is the knee-high boots and some knee-high socks for my boots.

I am inspired I want all these iteams on my wishlist for sure! What is on your fall wishlist? And does it feel like fall where you stay at yet? If so please throw some cool weather down here in Houston.


Bridesmaid Duties: Bridal Dress Shopping

Dress shopping ! Oh I just love seeing all those white dresses it reminds me of the time I was choosing my dream dress. It’s a gals best experience. 

I accompanied the bride to her first dream dress hunt. It was a fun experience because it was my first time being part of someone’s dream dress search and I knew I had to be in my best behavior. If you ever get invited to join a bride for the search of her dream dress wear your best positive attitude. 

It was quite a big group. The mother of the bride, four of her bridesmaid (including me) and the maid of honor. Oh and most important the flower girl (my daughter). Keep in mind if the group is big best believe there will be A LOT of opinions. Just don’t get overwhelmed or keep your group small. 

The first and only bridal dress shop we went to was Mia Bridal Couture. I was so surprised they even let me bring my daughter who is 10 months old. Usually dress shops are very strict about no children or babies allowed. 

The bride of course looked gorgeous in all the dresses she tried unfortunately The Dress was not there. Close but not there. It good to go into a bridal shop with an open mind because the dress you think want may not even be the want the makes you go Awww this is the one. 

There is still time to hunt down that dream dress. This bridesmaid has to help plan the bachelorette with the Maid of Honor. How was your dress shopping experience? Was your bachelorette wild or mild? Let me know

Bridesmaid Proposal


Here comes the Bride here comes the bride!

I was asked the most important question.

“Will you be my bridesmaid?”

and Of course I SAID YES!

My Sister-in-Law is getting married! I could not be any more happier to know she will be marring the love of her life and starting a new journey. I am blessed to be the chosen few of your bridal team. Any who somone give me a tissue please! Let me wipe my tears of joy.

Now to the good part let me share with you what all came in my proposal kit.

I was was a complete mess the day she came over to my house. I was wearing leggings and a top. I had been cleaning all day and my sister in laws come knocking at the door.

The most obvious was the Chevron tote bag  that I honestly use as a diaper bag now. It has my initials monogrammed in the center with brides initials at the bottom left.

Inside the tote bag was a very cute box with the quote

Faith plants the seed and Love makes it grow

Inside the box was …

A personal note

Bridesmaids The Movie (My Favorite)

A picture frame with our picture that we need to update

Stud earrings

A bottle of Moscato

A wine glass with my name on it



If you just got engaged I hoped this gives you and idea how to ask your bridesmaids to be part of you bridal journey.

Thanks for reading !

How to pack for baby: Road Trip Edition

How to pack for baby

Labor day is coming up this weekend and I am ready for a road trip. Are you all excited? Do you all have any plans?

Let me tell you how I pack for my baby girl. Hopefully it will help you pack for you next road trip.

Packing for baby_Toddler_The List

1. Diaper Bag

2. Clothing: Make sure to check the weather of the destination you are heading. 

  • Pjs
  • Socks
  • Shoes
  • Long sleeve T-shirt
  • Shorts/Pants
  • Onesies

3. Changing/Restroom

  • Diapers
  • Wipes
  • Diaper rash cream
  • Hand sanitizer for mom & baby

4. Food/Snacks: Just a list depending on what stage baby is at on feeding. 

  • Nursing pump
  • Nursing cover
  • Nursing pads
  • Bottle
  • Sippy Cup
  • Cleaning soap for Bottle/Sippy Cup
  • On the go food pouches
  • Cereal Puffs

5. Entertainment

  • Toys
  • Books
  • iPad for Cartoons

6. Organizer: This is perfect just in case not everything you pack for little one fits in the diaper bag 

7. Exploring

  • Car seat
  • stroller
  • Baby Carrier/Sling

8. Just in case

  • Infant Tylenol
  • repellent
  • Baby sun screen


It can be overwhelming for baby to be on the car seat for hours. Just a tip make sure to stop and let little one stretch. Also let baby enjoy the scenery on the stop. Do you have any tips for on the road travling. Let me know on the comments.

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My First Post

Welcome to My Blog

Growing up I never stopped writing on my Diary. It became essential for me to write everyday about my struggles, my accomplishments, and my future goals.

I finally started my blog because I wanted a visual diary. A blog that would showcase my motherhood, DIYs, beauty products, my road trip adventures and anything in between.

Lake Tahoe, Nevada Family Trip 2016


Houston, Texas Minute Maid Park Stadium Home of the Houston Astros


I am beyond excited to finally start my blog to share a little piece of me. The pictures above are the most special moments of my life. Becoming a wife to the most wonderful man and a mother to the most precious little girl.